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International award-winning contemporary painter Stephanïe V is drawn to situations that call for introspection, resilience and emotional endurance.

To the activities we engage with that create our histories and our stories.


Inspired by Latin American Muralism and the human-centric aesthetics of the Renaissance period, she prefers to look at one individual at a time, positioning her figures against quiet backgrounds that emphasize body design and edges. 


Brazilian by birth and educated in Paris, London, New York and Florence the artist worked extensively abroad before setting in in the North East of Scotland. Her work currently sits between Realism and Abstraction, painting and sculpting. Approaching each sitter or painting-series as a short story that begins and ends in itself. 


In her work, the more traditional aspects of oil painting are combined with videography, soundscapes, installations, social media participation and mixed-mediums to create engaging and powerful contemporary pieces. 


Before dedicating herself to the Fine Arts, Stephanïe V worked as a Costume Designer in London. The artist went on to do a Masters in Education, lecture in Child Cognitive Development and Adult Literacy, head a school Art dept. and deliver many Community Art's projects - including the Art Centre: Scene on the Green and the Aboyne Artist in Residence in Aberdeenshire.


The artist had the honor of painting the formal portrait of the Bishop of Aberdeen  and had her work purchased by international art dealer Iwan Wirth for the  luxury Fife Arms Hotel. Her paintings can be found in several national and international private collections.

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