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50x60x5cm oil & mixed-media (be advised that this image has been cropped at the top to accomodate the wallapp settings. Frame will not compromise its original format).

 wood, bamboo, plastic, net, rubber, wax, metal, resin

 Ranging from the figurative to more abstract and sculptural pieces.

The work seems reminiscent of an archeological find.

 Jigsaw puzzles connecting personal, political and spiritual elements. 

Playfully curated layers of the discarded and repurposed. 

The element of play that translates back on the interactivity of some of the

 pieces where ropes and nets can be moved around creating new images and new stories.

Gutting the Fish


    All artwork is sold unframed. 

    Some pieces are heavy due to their mixed-media nature. 

    Shipping is available. Click  to enquire 

    To schedule a video call with the artist and take a closer look at your favorite artwork, click 


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