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work in progress

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oil & mixed-media

wood, bamboo, plastic, net, rubber,  metal, fabric, wool, aluminium, foil, resin, seashells, pine cone, crabshell 

 Ranging from the figurative to more abstract and sculptural pieces.

The work seems reminiscent of an archeological find.

 Jigsaw puzzles connecting personal, political and spiritual elements. 

Playfully curated layers of the discarded and repurposed. 

The element of play that translates back on the interactivity of some of the

 pieces where ropes and nets can be moved around creating new images and new stories.

Lobster Box 122x100cm Enquire for Delivery Options


    You are about to purchase an original work of Art, created with the deepest artistic integrity and highest quality materials.

     A Letter of Provenance will accompany

    this exclusive piece of beauty and luxury.



    Request a video call with the artist to take a closer look at your favorite artwork.


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