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oil on board 

‘The Messiah’ and his 3 disciples. His jacket half in and out of the frame sitting between Heaven and Earth. His clothing making him ordinary and accessible and yet he transcends human earthliness with an ethereal presence and undefined features. The symbols of the wine as his blood, the wool entwined in his beard and dreadlock as the sacrificial lamb of God that died to save us all. 

The ribbon on a dreadlock reminds us of the ‘scapegoat’ in Leviticus that carried away sin and that Christ has carried away our sin when he instituted the Holy Mysteries of his Body and Blood… which was His sacrifice that takes away the sin of the world. The Last Supper is a Feast upon a Sacrifice and Maundy Thursday and Good Friday are inextricably linked. 

Peter Simon 34x45cm unframed UK delivery included


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