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oil on wood

This incredibly contemporary-looking piece speaks of the protectiveness one's grown-up's legs can offer.

The stark white linen trousers shaped like greek collums, hence the title: Pillars, in high contrast with the delicious bubblegum pink of childhood.

Pillars of support used as hidding places against the shyness of strangers' approach. Security. Solidity. The foundations of a happy childhood. 

Pillars - 60x100x5cm oil on wood unframed UK delivery included

    Auction items DO NOT qualify for free delivery

    Terms & Conditions

    Bids - By placing a winning bid you commit to finalize the purchase

    Refunds - Items are non-refundable. Ask for aditional images or for a call with the artist if in any doubt.

    Delivery - UK or international delivery is not included on the final bidding price. 

    Delivery costs will be calculated using Parcel Force or courier.

    Due to the nature of each exclusive artwork, delivery fees vary and will be quoted on a one to one basis.

    Click here for a pre-quote. Please state which artwork you are interested in bidding.

    We can assist with locating a professional art courier. 

    You are welcome to arrange a courier collection of your choice. Please  note you are resposible for the courier charges.

    In person collection can be arranged.  

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