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oil on wood 

This painting is a play on the 'bride & groom' dolls placed on top of wedding cakes. The figures rigid positions echoing the figuines' poses.

Still-lives have the potencial to tell a story about objects and the people who owns them.  The bride's bouquet, fresh and cream suggesting youth and the excitement of a new life ahead. 

Still-Life with Couple - 60x80x5cm oil on wood unframed UK delivery included


    Terms & Conditions

    Refunds - Items are non-refundable. Ask for aditional images or for a call with the artist if in any doubt.


    Delivery costs will be calculated using Parcel Force or courier.

    Due to the nature of each exclusive artwork, delivery fees vary and will be quoted on a one to one basis.

    Click here for a pre-quote. Please state in which artwork you are interested.

    We can assist with locating a professional art courier. 

    You are welcome to arrange a courier collection of your choice. Please  note you are resposible for the courier charges.

    In person collection can be arranged.  

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